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Saoatulagi-ole-Tagaloa Penina Ifopo

Saoatulagi-ole-Tagaloa Penina Ifopo is a Samoan Tamaita'i, chief, master weaver, community leader and advocate, former high school teacher, educator, and entrepreneur. She is the mother of three adult boys and many nieces and nephews. She is passionate about education and equity and believes that if children and young people are grounded in their language, culture, and heritage, they will excel in education and thrive in life

She was born and raised in Musumusu, Fagaloa, completed her schooling in Samoa before moving to New Zealand for further education and life opportunities. Saoatulagi-ole-Tagaloa is from a family of teachers and education is important in her upbringing. To her, getting a Master’s degree is great but doing something purposeful that brings fulfilment to the lives of others is greater.  She credits her academic qualifications and achievements to her late mother and the caring village that raised her.

As a strong advocate for equity in education, Saoatulagi-ole-Tagaloa  believes that all children, regardless of their background, deserve access to a quality education. She has worked on several projects to promote equity in education, including developing programmes in school to support learners in their identity journey. Her work with the elders in reviving heritage arts and rituals in the community brings joy and balance weaving intergenerational learning to connect young with elders.

She’s a director of Falelalaga Cultural and Education Centre and Founder of Falelalaga Village Community. A master weaver and is passionate about preserving Samoan culture and heritage. She has taught weaving and other traditional arts to children and adults in Auckland.


Session Description:

TAULA - The Anchor

Equity in Education: Saoatulagi-ole-Tagaloa Penina Ifopo is a strong advocate for equity in education, and her work has focused on ensuring that all children have access to a quality education, regardless of their background. This is a key theme of the uLearn23 conference, which is focused on "creating a more equitable future for learning."

Community Building: Saoatulagi-ole-Tagaloa Penina Ifopo is a community leader, and she is committed to building strong and healthy communities. She will share her strategies for using education to build community. She will also discuss the importance of connecting students with their community and with each other.

Culture, Language, Arts: Saoatulagi-ole-Tagaloa Penina Ifopo is a Samoan chief and master weaver, and her work is closely connected to indigenous education. She is committed to preserving Samoan culture and heritage, and she believes that indigenous knowledge and practices are essential for a holistic education. She believes that these skills are important for cultural preservation and for developing a sense of identity. She will share her experiences and insights on how to incorporate indigenous knowledge and practices into the classroom. Fostering creativity and innovation.


  • Confronting systemic racism and bias.
  • Leadership.
  • Identities, languages and cultures.