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 Jessica Grauds

Jessica is part of the Apple Initiatives team focusing on key areas of Accessibility and Lifelong Learning across all routes to market (Enterprise, Education, Consumer & Retail) in Australia, New Zealand and South Asia Region.

Since joining Apple in 2006, Jessica has been dedicated to ensuring accessibility is championed as a basic human right, and bringing that message across the globe. Jessica works with organisations including Vision Australia, Singapore People with Disabilities (SPD), Spinal Cord Injuries Australia, Aspect Autism and Singapore Dyslexia Association, sharing her passion for showcasing life-changing features through hands-on educational experiences and tips that show how Apple technology can support and enable all individuals to live, learn, work and play.


Session Description:

Empowering learning diversity: Unleashing education's potential through personalised technology

At Apple, we believe every student has the right to a quality education - an education that’s creative, collaborative, engaging, and relevant. And technology can enable and allow all students, with every type of learning style, to explore new possibilities.

For students who learn differently, the use of carefully chosen supports is vital to allow learning to take place.  When technology meets these personal learning needs, the results are magical - as it empowers everyone.  

Join us to learn about the accessibility features built-in that can be personalised to help all learners succeed.


  • Inclusive learning.
  • Hangarau Matihiko | Digital technologies and fluency.
  • Learner agency – sharing power.