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Exhibitor terms and conditions

Please read the information listed below carefully, as each booking is subject to the standard Terms and Conditions of CORE Education Ltd. Registering for a stand at this event is deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions. Please note these Terms and Conditions apply to exhibitors and sponsors. Sponsors will also receive a separate agreement outlining appropriate sponsorship benefits and Terms and Conditions.

Booking and payment

1. All prices are quoted (unless specified) in New Zealand dollars and exclude GST. GST is calculated at the date of payment and is currently set at 15%. CORE Education reserves the right to vary the quoted prices in line with any changes to the rate of the GST.

2. Registration forms for an exhibitor stand must be completed online prior to 20 September 2023. (Please note the exhibitor stands may sell out prior).

3. On confirmation of the booking, an invoice will be generated and emailed to the exhibitor. This must be paid inNew Zealand dollars by credit card or bank transfer in full within 30 days of registering, or prior to the event date(if this is sooner). We reserve the right to refuse admission to the conference if payment has not been received.

Allocation of exhibition space.

4. Exhibition space will be allocated by CORE Education after the exhibitor registration closing date only after receipt of the online registration form and payment of the invoice in full.

5. CORE Education reserves the right to make changes to the floorplan and position of any exhibitor stand. However,changes will not be undertaken without prior discussion with the affected exhibitors.

Event content

6. It may be necessary, for causes beyond CORE Education’s reasonable control, to alter the advertised contentor the advertised speakers. Every effort will be made to ensure a programme of equivalent standard. CORE Education reserves the right to make changes at any time.

Exhibitor stands

7. Exhibitors may not assign or sublet any part of their stand.

8. The exhibitor is responsible for supplying all equipment and furniture for the stand, except that noted as being provided in the exhibition package.

9. Exhibitors must keep their stand in a clean and tidy state and must keep passageways in front of their stand clear of any obstruction.

10. Exhibitors must ensure their stand is staffed during all delegate break times.

11. Exhibitors are required to only conduct business from their stand and are not permitted to display or distribute advertising material outside of their stand.

12. Exhibitors are prohibited from operating any equipment at a sound level that, in the sole opinion of CORE Education, is likely to cause disturbance to neighbouring exhibitors or delegates.

13. A conference wireless network is available for exhibitors to use during the event. Details to access the network will be provided prior to the event. Exhibitors agree not to enable any other wireless network on their stand unless discussed and agreed upon prior to the event. Exhibitors agree that use of the wireless network will be used for purposes of promoting their products and being able to work (ie to check emails).

14. Exhibitors are not permitted to sell food or beverages from their stands. Complimentary food or beverages(sample size items, confectionary, etc) are permitted.

15. Exhibitors are prohibited from bringing alcohol into the venue or giving alcoholic beverages as prizes or complimentary giveaways.

16. Exhibitors are not permitted to undertake fundraising activities for not-for-profits on their stand that requires delegates to contribute financially.

17. Exhibitors are welcome to hold competitions at their stand but must advise the project lead, Katrina Laurie,events@core-ed.ac.nz of any such activity two weeks before the conference commences.

18. The exhibitor is wholly responsible for the security of its materials and property during set up, conference hours,after hours and pack down/dismantling. CORE recommends important and expensive items are removed from the stand overnight.

Exhibitor terms and conditions

19. CORE Education and Due Drop Events Centre accept no responsibility for loss or damage to exhibitor’s property associated with the conference.

20. CORE Education reserves the right to remove or alter any stand not considered to be in the best interests ofuLearn23 at the expense of the exhibitor and with no liability to CORE Education.

Stand set up

21. exhibitors are responsible for the setup of their stand.

22. The venue will be available to exhibitors for setting up on Tuesday 3 October 2023 from 7.30am and must be completed no later than 8.00pm the same day.

23. All exhibitor stands are expected to be of a high standard. Exhibition Hire Services is the preferred company for the exhibition build. Any exhibitors wishing to use a different contractor to set up their stand must seek the approval of the Exhibitor Liaison no later than 8 September 2023.

24. Exhibitors may only use ‘hook’ velcro, staples, pins or small household picture hooks to adhere items to the panel walls. These must be removed by the exhibitor immediately after the event and a fee for removing any suchitems not removed will be chargeable back to the exhibitor. If the exhibitor damages the panel walls in any way,including the use of unsuitable adhesives such as screws or nails, the exhibitor will be liable for any damage andthe associated costs.

Insurance and public liability

25. The exhibitor is responsible for any damage or loss they may cause to the venue, stand structure and/or goods or property of CORE Education or any other exhibitor, individual or company.

26. The exhibitor is advised to take out all necessary insurance and advise their insurers to extend cover, including public liability, to CORE uLearn23.

27. For electrical safety, exhibitors are responsible for ensuring their power cords, multi boxes and electronic devices have been tested by a reputable company with electrical experience, according to the correct standard. Tag and testing procedures will be done onsite before the conference and anything not deemed safe or compliant will beremoved.

Health and safety

28. All exhibitions must meet current Building Act 2004, Health & Safety in Employment Act 1992 and New Zealand Fire Safety regulations.

29. The exhibitor must, at all times, comply with the venue’s regulations and policies and the uLearn23 Health and Safety manual, and any verbal health and safety instructions from the uLearn project team or Event provider.

30. Exhibitors must read the uLearn health and safety manual and sign it prior to coming on-site. A copy of this will beat the uLearn23 registration desk. Exhibitors and contractors must wear a hi-vis vest during pack-in and pack-out,and wear closed-toed shoes at all times.


31. exhibitors agree to CORE Education staff and/or attending media representatives taking photographs and recording audio and video footage of the event, which may include the exhibition area. Materials produced maybe displayed online, on television, in print or used by CORE Education for marketing or educational purposes.

32. Event delegates may take and distribute images or recordings, including via social networking sites, independent websites or reports. CORE Education takes no responsibility for material or images used in this way.

Stand pack down

33. Exhibitors are responsible for the pack down of their stands.

34. Exhibitors must not pack down any part of their stands prior to midday, Friday 6 October 2023. Exhibitors who attempt to do so may be excluded from involvement in future CORE Education events.

35. All stands must be removed by 3.00pm, Friday 6 October 2023. Any material left on the stand after this time maybe removed by CORE Education or the Due Drop Arena at the expense of the exhibitor.Cancellation, postponement and substitution policy

36. cancellation of an exhibition stand by the exhibitor must be submitted in writing to the project lead, Katrina Laurie, events@core-ed.ac.nz.

Refunds will be applied based on the following:

37. Prior to 14 July 2023, cancellations will be refunded in full (if payment has been made).

38. Between 14 July - 31 August 2023, cancellations will be liable for 50% of the package selected.

39. From 1 September 2023, cancellations will be liable for 100% of the package selected and no refund given.

40. In the event that CORE Education cancels the event for any reason, the full exhibition package fee only will be refunded. Flights, accommodation, replacement staff and any other loss sustained by exhibitors will not be reimbursed.

41. In the event that CORE Education postpones the event for any reason and the exhibitor is unable or unwilling to attend on the rescheduled date, the full exhibition package fee only will be refunded. Flights, accommodation,replacement staff and any other loss sustained by the exhibitor will not be reimbursed.

42. CORE Education is not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of a substitution, alteration or cancellation/postponement of an event.