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Why exhibit at uLearn?

Reach delegates who are shaping an equitable future for learners in Aotearoa.

uLearn23 will attract a diverse range of leaders, change-makers and innovators in the education ecosystem. We invite your business and people to be part of the kōrero.

This year’s conference provides exhibiting companies with qualified leads, gives insight into what's happening in the sector and strengthens business relationships with existing clients.

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Engage with delegates

The exhibition is fully integrated into the conference schedule and programme. The aim is to have delegates spend up to a third of their day in the exhibition hall. This maximises the time for your brand or kaupapa to be in front of key stakeholders.

With customised meeting spaces, booth space and activation opportunities, uLearn23 exhibitors will meet and engage with 600+ potential clients and customers in an open-minded and innovative setting.

Key aspects of the programme that will draw delegates into the exhibition hall are:

  • Morning and afternoon tea break

  • Lunch breaks

  • Podcast caravan and gather space

  • Workshop and demonstration areas.

Exhibitors will be able to:

  • Engage with potential new clients

  • Reconnect with customers

  • Network with like-minded professionals

  • Meet decision-makers and buyers

  • Launch new products or services

  • Promote their brand.

Terms and conditions of exhibiting

Choose your site

A: 3m x 3m serviced $2,700 + GST

B: 3m x 6m serviced $4,460 + GST

C: 3m x 9m non-serviced $5,400 + GST

D: 3m x 1.5m showcase booth $1,575 + GST

Option D is for businesses that have traded for less
than 24 months - limited sites available.

Booth details

A: 3m x 3m

Small serviced booth.

  • Charcoal velcro compatible panel system
  • 1 x standard power (10amp)
  • 1 x nameplate
  • 1 x spotlight

$2,700 +GST

B: 3m x 6m

Medium serviced booth.

  • Charcoal velcro compatible panel system
  • 1 x standard power (10amp)
  • 1 x nameplate
  • 2 x spotlight

$4,460 +GST

C: 3m x 9m

Large non-serviced booth.

  • Bare space - no panels
  • No lights
  • 1x standard power (10amp)

$5,400 +GST

D: 3m x 1.5m


  • Charcoal velcro compatible panel system
  • 1 x nameplate
  • 1 x spotlight
  • No power

$1,575 +GST

Note: Exhibitors can order extra lighting, power and panels (including colour changes) from Exhibition Hire Services.


Sponsorship opportunities

Mauri tau

The Mauri tau wellbeing space is partitioned, allowing delegates to read, write or relax in a peaceful environment throughout the
2.5 days.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the conference and exhibition, this space will provide delegates with soft music, water coolers, bean bags and comfortable seating.

There is ample space for sponsor banners and signage. In addition, sponsors could provide promotional materials (such as drink bottles) as giveaways.  

Coffee cart

A barista-style coffee cart is to be in the Exhibition Hall.

The sponsor of this cart will have naming rights. The coffee cart is always popular with attendees and provides a fantastic opportunity for the sponsor
to meet them face-to-face.

Delegates will relax on cafe-style seating, drink delicious coffee and review any promotional materials you provide.


Sponsorship expression of interest